Accredited online psychology bachelor degree programs

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accredited online psychology bachelor degree programs

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors, and many students benefit from the flexibility and convenience of an online format. Self-motivated students with excellent organizational and time management skills thrive in distance learning. If you plan to join the workforce immediately after receiving your bachelor’s degree or continue into a master’s program, an online bachelor’s degree in psychology may be ideal for you.

What Should I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s Program in Psychology?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

A full-time student pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in psychology can expect to spend about four years to complete the program, with most schools requiring 120 credits to graduate. Some institutions offer accelerated or intensive undergraduate programs, which may shorten the completion time to about 3.5 years.

Dual-degree options, such as accelerated master’s programs, allow students to begin their master’s-level coursework while earning a bachelor’s degree and graduate with up to 50% fewer total credits, saving time and money. Eligible transfer students can also benefit by selecting a program with a generous transfer credit policy.

Other factors include field learning requirements, the amount of asynchronous coursework, and cohort vs. individually paced structure. In a cohort, students proceed through the full course of study together to graduate as a group.

What Classes Will I Take in an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Program?

Psychology is a multifaceted and far-reaching discipline that encompasses many subfields and specialties at the bachelor’s level. Psychology students study human behavior, development, motivation, cognition, learning, and perception across the lifespan. While classes and concentrations differ from school to school, every student in an online psychology program must complete a series of foundational courses.

Core coursework includes statistics and research methods for behavioral sciences, child and adult development, personality theory, psychological assessment, social psychology, health psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology. A typical bachelor’s curriculum in psychology includes some of the following courses.

What Is the Typical Bachelor’s in Psychology Salary?

With your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online degree, you can pursue careers with the following median salaries. Some professions may require additional education or experience:

Survey Researcher


Human Resources Specialist


Market Research Analyst


Mental Health Counselor


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), May 2020

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