Apex Legends Mobile All Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

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Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass is packed with exciting and cool rewards. Here’s a full list of all Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass rewards that you can obtain.

Season 1 has begun and is now available for everyone globally. It features some brand new stuff like a mobile exclusive Legend Fade, Battle Pass and more.

Various legends from PC and console versions of the game such as Bloodhound, Lifeline, Octane, and more have also arrived. Furthermore, Season 1 even sees the addition of a ranked mode.

The Season 1 Battle Pass has 50 tiers and is filled with unique rewards, cosmetics and other items. These will be available throughout the season and players will have to grind to get them all.

If you are wondering what are all the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass rewards, then scroll down for a detailed look.

Apex Legends Mobile: All Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

Apex Legends Mobile battle pass is available as both paid and free rewards and can be unlocked by completing different challenges to earn EXP and level up. There are a total of 50 tiers in the battle pass, and there’s something good at every tier.

Here is the full list of all the free and paid rewards in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 battle pass.

Tier 1Fade PieceVermin Control Caustic, The SOS Kraber
Tier 2Season 1 Wins Lifeline50 SG
Tier 3Season 1 Wins BloodhoundSeason 1 Wins Caustic
Tier 4FluxFlux
Tier 5Season 1 Wins FadeHot Head
Tier 6FluxMission Card
Tier 7Mission CardLife Lineage
Tier 8ObnoxiousDamage Dealt in S1 Caustic
Tier 9Fade Piece50 SG 
Tier 10722 Released Wraith722 Containment
Tier 11Mission CardSeason 1 Kills Caustic
Tier 12Season 1 Wins BangaloreWoo-hoo!
Tier 13Fade Piece50 SG
Tier 14Season 1 Wins WraithSeason 1 Wins Gibraltar
Tier 15Breath It InPossessed
Tier 16Mission Card50 SG
Tier 17Fade PieceWinged Guardian
Tier 18Mission CardSeason 1 Kills Gibraltar
Tier 19Flux50 SG
Tier 20Stellar Volt SMGFront Row Seat
Tier 21Season 1 Kills FadeMission Card
Tier 22Mission CardDamage Dealt in S1 Gibraltar
Tier 23Flux50 SG
Tier 24Season 1 Kills LifelineMission Card
Tier 25Fade PieceVirulent
Tier 26Mission Card50 SG
Tier 27FluxSeason 1 Wins Pathfinder
Tier 28Season 1 Kills WraithMother and Son
Tier 29Mission Card50 SG
Tier 30Skeletal RemainsGentle Giant Gibraltar
Tier 31Season 1 Wins MirageMission Card
Tier 32Season 1 Kills BangaloreSeason 1 Wins Octane
Tier 33Mission Card50 SG
Tier 34Season 1 Kills BloodhoundSeason 1 Kills Pathfinder
Tier 35Anchoring EffectStoried Tradition Bloodhound
Tier 36Damage Dealt in S1 BangaloreSeason 1 Kills Octane
Tier 37Common Apex PackFlux
Tier 38Damage Dealt in S1 Lifeline50 SG
Tier 39Mission CardMission Card
Tier 40Damage Dealt in S1 FadeOdious Vapor
Tier 41Flux50 SG
Tier 42Season 1 Kills MirageFlux
Tier 43Mission Card50 SG
Tier 44Damage Dealt in S1 BloodhoundDamage Dealt in S1 Octane
Tier 45Void SlicePresent Arms
Tier 46Damage Dealt in S1 Wraith50 SG
Tier 47Common Apex PackDamage Dealt in S1 Pathfinder
Tier 48FluxFlux
Tier 49Damage Dealt in S1 Mirage50 SG
Tier 50Graffiti Artist MirageReady for Impact Pathfinder, Authorized Personnel Only Havoc Rifle

That’s all there is to it. Good Luck!

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