Best 10 Google Play Apps You Must Have On Android Phone

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Best 10 Google Play Apps You Must Have On Android Phone

Honestly android apps on google play store are some of the best things that have ever happened to humanity. Some of them can serve as a major source of income while others may simply be for entertainment but either way, we have loved then and they have changed this world.

Play store, is no doubt, the home of android apps. There’s almost no android app you are searching for which you won’t get on Google play store. With android apps alone, you can almost do anything a PC can do. For example, you can:

Having the following apps on your phone is not only a fulfilled mobile life, it is also a fulfilled way of killing boredom.

Best 10 Apps must have (playStore App)

1. Quora

Quora, or the platform of knowledge (by me), is the best app you could ever wish for. It is just an easier to use version of the site: Anybody can use this app: student, teacher, contractor, webmaster, engineer, accountant, basically any human that can breathe.

It is used to share knowledge and ask questions. Meet people and ask questions about a particular topic. You can also grow your reputation from quora since it is used by millions of people daily. When you answer a question on quota, you have the potential of building an online reputation.

You can interact with foreigners and sell your products. As a student, you can ask assignment questions and get replies within minutes. All you have to do is visit Google play store, download the app and sign up.

2. Facebook

Don’t be surprised. Facebook is one of the most important apps on your phone. Not only is it for chatting, you can also see people’s stories, interact with people and build your business. The Facebook is very easy to use and has proven to be one of the most downloaded play store apps in the world today.

You can also enable the free Facebook feature and chat for free without spending a dime. Many organizations also use this as a means of carrying out online surveys and promoting products. People also use it to promote their affiliate links.

3. Instagram

This app has grown the last few years. The pictures and videos posted there are the major reasons mist people use this all but many others have earned a decent living from Instagram alone *coughs*lasisi. You can use it to boost your Facebook page, promote a business or even boost yourself. It so acts as a way to follow your favorite celebrities and keep in touch with them.

4. Top up Africa

Not many people know about this app but it is very good to have it on your android phone. It makes paying bills, recharging airtime and transferring of cash relatively easy. When the all was just created, they had a referral program where you get paid N100 per person you refer to download the app (I don’t know if it is still ongoing).It is one of the best play store apps ever developed. In case you are a lazy youth, you can use this app to reduce the stress of paying gotv, going out to buy airtime and some other purchases.

5. Google chrome

This is the best browser on the entire planet. Google chrome makes your browsing experience amazing. It is responsive to all web pages and also comes with some extensions for PC. Many android phones have this app already but if you don’t, you can visit Google play store to get yours now. It also has a credible feature that allows you to browse privately without showing the current session in your history folder.

6. Candy crush

Probably the most entertaining stress free game on play store. It is an efficient cure for boredom and can be played anywhere (except interviews & business meetings…lol). It is stress free and you don’t have to tap the screen continuously like some other apps. Just swipe left, right, up and down. The game is addictive though.

7. Vivavideo

On Play store, this app has tons of downloads because it is the best android video editing app out there. It allows you to add as many effects as possible to your videos. You can go slow month, add subtitles, filters or music. Many topbuzz users use this app to create videos.

8. Topbuzz

As you are reading about this particular app, get ready to download. Ever trued starting your own YouTube channel but not having enough subscribers to monetize your videos? Topbuzz with take it all away. With topbuzz, you can start making money from your videos immediately you sign up and put lush them.

They pay per view, click and comments. Not only can you monetize videos, you can also monetize articles and gifs. However, all videos m, article or gifs must be unique and original. Run To Google play store and download this app now.

9. Banking apps

Save yourself from those long queues at the bank with your bank’s official apps. You can make transfers, buy airtime and pay some of your bills. You can easily find it on play store by typing your bank’s name.

10. PicsArt

with PicsArt, you can change your photo resolution, change background, add cool filters, colors, shapes and many more. The play store app has a lot of cool features and is very easy to use. In fact, it is my favorite android all. It has tons of downloads on play store and lots if good reviews. You can try it.

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