10 Best Beauty Camera Apps For Android 2022 to Download Now


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10 Best Beauty Camera Apps For Android 2022 to Download Now

Hello ladies and gentlemen, in this article, you will find the best beauty camera apps for Android in 2022 to take enhanced beautiful pictures that are cuter and sharper than the ones you take with the stock camera app on your smartphone.

It’s true that phone manufacturers are now producing phones with great camera features, for example, the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro is a powerful camera phone with an AI 48MP rear camera which of course gives close to perfect photo shoots but we will not be satisfied because there are still camera apps available to deliver a more beautiful picture.

If you are a girl, lady or woman, I’m sure you will like to appear more beautiful on those pictures you want to post on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and other social media apps.

So you should use one of these beauty camera apps for Android to beautify yourself, add some effects, colors, blemish, background, stickers. In fact, with some of these apps, you can edit your photos to apply lipsticks, eyelashes, eyebrows, blue eyes, pink lips, enlarged west, shape your nose, lighten your skin, darken your skin and lots more.

I personally, has used these apps to add some cute Snapchat effects on my daughters pictures and trust me it’s really amazing. My angels appear more beautiful. So without wasting much time, let’s dive into the bone of contention.


The below list is not arranged according to priority because what I see as the best may not be someone’s else best.

1. CAMERA360

Having over 100 million downloads and lots of positive reviews on Google Play Store says a lot about this beauty camera app called camera360.

It has a lot of picture effects, modes and filters including sunshine mode, Rosy mode, sweet mode, suelki mode, lazy mode, Y3, BW, hue, film flex, enhance, warm, vignolet, natural and so on.

The app is quite easy to use and it can be used to take high-quality images as well as low quality image according to your settings. Additionally, camera 360 app offers fun stickers and effects as well as tools to create collages.

It’s actually number one beauty camera for most users so you have to test it and confirm if it’s true or not.

Camera360 best beauty camera

Download Camera360 App.


I downloaded and used this app last year and I enjoyed over 125 real-time filters which I used to edit images. I introduced it to my wife and YES… She loved it.

My wife liked BestMe camera app mainly because it snaps the best of selfies and offers mirror filter capable of snapping unique and intriguing pictures making it one of the best beauty camera apps for Android.

The app comes with a little AI technology that lets it automatically detect your face make the required adjustments just to bring out the best of you in pictures. You can also apply filters to your images. There is a background blur effect that can make you stand out in pictures.

Bestme selfie camera

Download BestMe Camera.

3. B612

This is basically a “selfie camera app” that can give you a flawless snapshot. It’s easy to use and the same time has some feminine and kids features. No wonder ladies love this app with passion.

There are loads of stickers that make you look glamorous on this beauty camera app. The app allows you to apply several beauty effects to your images. You can even skim your face, shape your nose, and lots more.

B612 camera

Download B612 Camera.


Here is another feminine beauty camera you can introduce to your girlfriend, wife, sisters, daughters, mum or female colleagues and they will simply say thank you because Candy Camera is a simple, reliable, and comes with many features.

It already have over 7 million active users worldwide and you can potentially add to this huge number by the time you take pictures with this app.

Candy Beauty Camera comes with several filters for different beautiful looks. It makes it easy to test out the filters without applying the on the pictures.

You also have some advanced beauty features. Additionally, you can use such makeup tools as eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and concealer to obtain your most beautiful self.

Candy camera app

Download Candy Camera.


Retrica is another beautiful Selfie taking camera app for android with quality effects, editing tools and easy of use. There are also millions of users all over the world.

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Retrica makes photo collages easy and add extra fun. Take as many images as you would like and let the app do its work. You will be able to beautify your photos with awesome stickers.

This camera app also lets you edit videos on your Android device. Just like camera 360, you can aldo share your photos and broadcast them on social media if you wish with simple taps without leaving the app.

Retrica camera

Download Retrica Camera App.


At first, I was skeptical about using Line camera until the day a female colleague of mine was busy editing her photos with it.

I was able to peep and see how she transformed herself into a beauty queen ready to win the miss Universe Beauty Contest. I then asked her to send the app to my phone, and I was amazed again at what I could do with it.

The Line Camera app has beautiful photo editing tools. This app helps you drive your creativity to greater levels. The camera snaps really quickly. The app may make you forget that you really had a camera app that came with your device.

Although I later deleted the app because it has very few beauty features but great for highlighting special details like skin complexion. It also comes with a flash and timer to help you snap the perfect shot.

Line camera for Android

Download Line Camera.


The name of this app says it all. The perfect camera is a beauty app that offers mesmerizing picture editing options. There is real-time beautifying to end users than any of the apps discussed above.

It comes with a one-touch filter capable of making your images pop. Background editing is possible on this app and you can blur out the background if you feel the background shouldn’t be seen in the picture.

Most importantly, Perfect beauty camera allows you to apply HDR effects on your pictures. It is just more advanced than your typical beauty camera.

Perfect camera for Android

Download Perfect Camera App.


Yeah! Say hello to my wife’s best beauty camera app. She uses sweet selfie to snap all her Selfie photos and uses same app most times to apply filters and edit them to her liking.

You can look younger, spot free and more beautiful when you snap pictures with this app.

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It’s one of the camera apps still installed on my smartphone, my wife’s phone and my little daughter’s smartphone. There is a reason for that.

Sweet selfie camera

Download Sweet Selfie Camera.


Bestie is similar to sweet selfie camera so it’s an alternative to the later. Therefore, when I’m not snapping with sweet selfie, I’m actually snapping with Bestie.

It was introduced to me by my sister in-law and since then it has been a mainstay in my phone for capturing beautiful pictures of myself and my family.

The app has a very intuitive user interface. There are lots of customization tools included on this app. In fact, some users rate it higher than most beauty camera apps.

This app features many options that should come standard on a photo editor. You can apply filters and adjust your skin tone. You can even apply animations to your pictures to make it more fun.

In a bombshell, after camera 360, my next best beauty Camera app for android in 2019 is Bestie Camera.

Bestie best beauty camera for Android

Download Bestie Camera.


If you are looking for a fully fledged photo editing app like Picsart, then it’s beautyplus because it’s the best photo editor among other apps on this list.

It’s not necessarily for snapping pictures but you can snap with other camera apps or your phones stock camera and edit with beautyplus after importing it.

You can make eye, nose, hair, mouth, and smile adjustments to look fresh, beautiful and stunning on photos.

Beautyplus camera

Download BeautyPlus Camera.


Almost all Android smartphones come with at least a camera. Some even comes with front and back cameras while some phones now feature quad camera setups and AI functions. All these are in a bid to optimize images snapped on mobile phones. But to get more quality photos, you need to download one of these best beauty camera apps for Android and look more beautiful than you actually look in real life.

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