How can I download gta 5 for free for PS3?


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Getting you as prepped as possible for the impending release of Grand Theft Auto V, Dan’s already given out his thoughts on the game in his review, posted some cheats to make the game even crazier, and we’ve let you know of the iFruit companion app now available for download.

When it comes to actually getting Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve been able to pre-load the game since yesterday in Europe. Thanks to some people who have already pre-loaded it onto their PS3, you can expect the file size to be about 18GB, which is a bit higher than the 17.2GB listed on the PlayStation Store.

Also, it looks like Grand Theft Auto V won’t do the download and install at the same time process as was seen for The Last of Us, with the PlayStation Store stating that “your PlayStation 3 must have at least 36GB of free space to download and install this game.” Since all downloads require you to have double the space of the actual file to download properly, make sure you clear the room on your HDD now.

As an added bonus, you don’t have to wait until the usual 3AM PST for this midnight release, as Sony and Rockstar will be activating it at 12:01AM EST instead. So, this is very good news for people in Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones as Rockstar said this means you’ll get the earlier than those on the east coast (11PM CT, 10PM MT, 9PM PT tonight).

For those of you interested in a retail copy, you can head over here for midnight openings in your area. Then, once you put the game into your PS3, there will be an install size of 8.486GB.

Where are you buying Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments below.

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