Download God of War 2 Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

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Download God of War 2 Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

God of War 2 free download pc game is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). It was first released for the PlayStation 2 console on March 13, 2007, and is the second installment in the God of War series, and the sixth in chronological order, and the sequel to 2005’s God of War.

in Greek mythology and is set in ancient Greece, with revenge as the main component. . The God of War 2 Highly compressed player character is the protagonist of Kratos, the new god of war who killed the former Ares. Kratos is betrayed by Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, who stripped him of his god and killed him. He is slowly dragged into the underworld and rescued by Titan Gaia, who orders him to find the Sisters of Fate, where they can allow him to return in time, avoid his betrayal, and take revenge on Zeus.

God of War 2 Pc download is an action-packed, third-person single-player video game with hack and slash basics, viewed from a predefined camera view. The player controls the Kratos character in combo-based combat. Platform training basics and the mystery game. He faced enemies, mostly Greek folklore. In addition to living soldiers, harpies, minotaurs, medusa. Their Gorgons, Cyclops, Sirens, Reeths, Satyr, Cerberus, Centaurs and their superior competitors: Hydra and the huge Minotaur are known as Pandora’s Guardian. Also check Wasteland 2 free download pc game Consultants Cut PC was created with the logo that Fallout produced.

The God of War 2 Highly Compressed is similar to the one in the previous installment. It focuses on combo-based combat that is achieved with the main player’s weapon, Athena’s sword, and secondary weapons obtained during the game. It features quick time events that require players to quickly complete various game control actions to defeat stronger enemies and bosses. The player can use up to four magic attacks and the ability to increase strength as alternative combat options. The game also includes puzzles and platform elements. Compared to its predecessor, God of War II features improved puzzles and four times the number of bosses.

God Of War 2 Pc Game Full Version Free Download

Now you are ready to take revenge. Although you lost some of your special powers, there is a chance that you will face Ares again. You must improve your skills and abilities by defeating enemies less powerful than you. Remember, God of War 2 Highly Compressed download pc game you are no longer the God of War! Kratos had turned into a mortal human. So if you take a lot of damage from enemies, you will die! That is why you need to be more careful when fighting against enemy forces.

If you haven’t experienced God of War before, there are a few cutscenes that will show you what happened before. Blades of Chaos is your main weapon as it was in the first installment. It can be improved to be more powerful against enemies. There are a lot of boss fights in God of War 2 Free Download that can be really challenging for players. Some of them need to hit for more than a few minutes. Players can also use other types of weapons at higher levels.

God of War 2 download pc Highly Compressed graphics have been improved compared to the previous version. As you know, this game has not been officially released for PC. It is a ported version of God of War 2 for PC and contains all the features of the PlayStation 2 version. The platform basics require the player to climb stairs and walls, swing on ropes, jump through gaps and balance the diagonal beams to continue parts of the God of War 2. The game is a mix of simple and complex puzzles that make it more interesting. As a box move puzzle you can use it as an overhead jump to the road on a path that is hard to find with the usual jumps, but you can find more than a few items through different areas of the game to open just one door.

God of War 2 Game Story:

God of War 2 download is an action adventure game with hack and slash elements. It is a third person video game viewed from the perspective of a fixed camera. As Kratos, the player controls combo fighting elements, platforms, puzzles, and enemy battles that are derived primarily from Greek mythology, including birds, minotaurs, gorgons, griffons, cyclops, cerberus, mermaids, satyrs, and nymphs. Other monsters created specifically for the game, including legions of the undead, ravens, undead barbarians, beast lords, rabid hounds, wild boars, and an army of predestination, including sentinels, guardians, tyrants, and high priests.

Many of the compound attacks used in God of War 2 free download are making a return, and the game features more than twice the number of boss fights and more difficult puzzles than the original. The elements of the platform require the player to climb walls and stairs, jump across the chasm, swing ropes and swing on the beams to advance through the sections of the game. Some of the puzzles are simple, such as moving a box so that the player can use it as a starting point to reach a road that cannot be reached with normal jumps, while others are more complex, such as finding multiple items in different game areas by opening a single door.

In addition to God of War 2 pc download Free ,  the regular health, magic, and experience chests found throughout the game world, three Uber chests can be found. Two of these boxes provide an additional bonus to health and magic scale, respectively, and the third chest contains a large number of red and gold orbs. There are also several hidden jars in the game (eg Urn of Gaia) that upon completion of the game unlock special abilities (eg unlimited magic) to use during additional gameplay.

God of War 2 Features:

  • Control a hero named Kratos once again to defeat gods like Ares
  • Use your weapons like Blades of Chaos to hit enemies.
  • Improve your fighting skills by getting experience points.
  • Find hidden treasures to improve your skills and items.

Game Play:

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System Requirements


  • Tested on Windows 7 64-bit
  • Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz processor or later.
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Installation size: 340 MB
  • Hard disk space: 2 GB

Download instructions:

  • God of war 2 Download Highly Compressed
  • Extract
  • Copy or download the .iso file
  • Run setup.exe and install it
  • Copy the crack from the script directory to the installation directory.
  • To play

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