How To Open Bitcoin Account (Easiest Method) 2022

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How To Open Bitcoin Account (Easiest Method) 2022

Today i will guide  on  how to open bitcoin account  to enable  send and receive  bitcoin  worldwide.You cannot just open a bitcoin  account and put money in and out. To store your coins, you’ll need a wallet or at least a Bitcoin address and a private key. On a very basic level, the address functions like a bank account number and the private key is like your signature or password to a netbank. 

You claim the ownership of your money with your private key. Never ever share it with anyone,  I hope you  grab? Okay, but how will you access your coins? You have to download a digital wallet to your computer/phone. Cryptocurrency wallets store your address and private key, they’re functioning like a netbank. You can receive and send amounts.It’s difficult to choose from the millions of Bitcoin wallets. 
I would recommend the wallet . Go and have a look at it, or do some research and find the best for you. The easiest way is to add a wallet extension to your browser.

Edit: I’ve forgotten to mention Coinbase and Gemini. These sites function like a PayPal account, all you have to do is to sign up. Can be very comfortable. However, when it comes to cryptocoins I don’t really trust in third party services because I can’t always access my private key.
Now you have gotten a little  information  on how bitcoin works,  let me proceed  and show you how to open bitcoin  account . 

How To Open Bitcoin  Account 

Now let me go ahead  and show you how you can create  bitcoin account. 
We are going  to use blockchain as the software (that’s the site yyiuYou  will create  the bitcoin account )

how to create  a blockchain account 

STEP 1: Open website
Open Choose Wallet option from the list of navigation menu located at the top of the web page.

STEP 2: Click “Wallet” button
Now, You need to create a New Block Chain Wallet account right, so just click “Wallet” button and in the new page, click “SIGN UP”.

STEP 3: Complete the Registration Form
The next browser loads the form, and it asks for Email and Password. Use your primary Gmail ID and create a new password for this account. Use Uppercase, Lowercase alphabets, Numbers, Special characters and make 11 – 15 characters as your password.

Hooray, your Block Chain wallet account created. Just press get started to reveal your dashboard which will come on the next screen.

STEP 4: Look up your Block Chain Dashboard
In the next browser, click “Get Started” to view your new Wallet Dashboard.
Here’s your own blockchain wallet account. Now it shows 0 BTC. Here where you are ready to make thousands of dollars in cash.

If you open a savings account in your bank, you will get a 16digit number that is unique to identify your account number. Same process here too, just click “Receive” button to get you 34 digits Alpha Numeric characters unique BTC address and it looks like 113NXWvi……….FKMtwDAmBaDqgs7o.
Hey,  make sure you follow  this tutorial  very well to avoid  mistake.  Am sure you will learn how to open bitcoin account. 

STEP 5: Verify your email ID
Do not forget to verify your Email ID associated with your blockchain wallet. Open your Gmail ID and you may find the mail like this image.

Now login to your New Blockchain Wallet accounts using your Wallet Identifier copied from your Email and with your password.

STEP 6: Secure your account – Level 1
Now it’s time to secure your account. Get your backup phrase which will be used in case of your password was lost or any unauthorized changes. Click on “Backup Phrase” and it will ask for your account password.

Enter the password and print the sheet. Now press “next” will display the first four word of your back up phrase. Write the same on the printed sheet or somewhere else.

Click Next Four Words and write down next and same. It has totally 12-word phrases to note down. Make a copy somewhere and keep it safe.

After writing all the 12 words, press “final step” button. The next screen will ask you to enter any four words at random.
Complete the task and click Finish.
Create a password hint to remember your password if you forgot to the login process. Complete all the three to finish Level 1 security process to protect your blockchain account.

STEP 7: LEVEL 2 – Add your mobile number
Now, go to Level 2: of your account protection. Need to link a mobile number to your wallet account and enable 2-Step authentication factor which you will already know and is similar to Gmail 2-Step authentication.

STEP 8: LEVEL 3 – Block suspect IDs
Level 3 safety: Blocking IP that suspects to be part of anonymous from TOR network.

Super, you created a blockchain wallet account and got your unique BTC address.
Safely write your Back up phrase, Unique Wallet identifier used in place of login email iD, password etc

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