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How To Achieve  Any Goal You Set

How long do you think it would take you to buy your dream house ? You see some people travel to any part of the world anytime they want . Do you ever think you can go to  your dream vacation? You want that killer body, do you ever think you can have it ? Who won’t want to own that beautiful  SUV car ? You want to be a millionaire? What are they things or habits you exhibit to make you a millionaire? At 20 you want to  be financially independent, what are they things that would make you to be financially focused? Some family members are already seeing you as a failure,  how can you prove them wrong? You love fashion so much, but cannot afford the high fashion you desire.

What can you do to afford the Dior dress you desire? Apple has released a new phone and you are a gadget freak , but your bank account couldn’t get you most of the gadget you want. Learn how to set goals to achieve your aims.

How To Set Goals

Now listen!

 Turn Your Fantasies Into Realities

What does your best self look like to you?  Look at this…… Tom I’ll be 26 by next week, he has always imagined that before he turns 26 he would be financially free, he would have lots of monies to spoil his parents.  He would have owned his dream house in Dubai . Married his childhood girlfriend Janet. Become a chartered accountant.  For Tom , this is his best self . He wants to achieve tremendous success before his 26th  But Tom has non of this and next week is his 26th  birthday.  Tom now sees himself like a huge failure.

Do you know why Tom failed to achieve his dreams ?  I can confidently tell you  that Tom fails to  achieve his goals because he didn’t set his goal well . The very crucial thing you need to understand about setting your goal is to have the right mindset and attitude that would help him get your dreams .  If you  must achieve anything you dream of in life , you  must have they right mindset and attitude towards such dream .  When you have the right mindset  you can excel in anything you set your mind to do. Let’s say you are a business woman who owns a hair salon,  you make 500 bucks every day, but want to increase your earning to 1000 bucks  every day.  What are they things you can do to  get this goal?

How to set goals now

First you have to believe you can actually get it  , there is something about faith that brings about manifestation.  After you  have believed,  do yourself a favour of doing extensive research  and strategise.  One of the strategies you  can use is this .

Provided you are very good with your craft this method will work tremendously.

Let’s say you make ponytail hairstyle for 15 bucks , offer a discount. When you  give people quality services at affordable prices.  Huge sales automatically happens .

  • What Hobbies Do You Have ?  Are they things you like doing going to help you achieve your dreams?  You want to skyrocket your writing skill , but you are always busy hanging out with friends  , trust me you are not serious yet . Your hobby should be reading and writing often.

A simple secret to achieving your dreams is simply making those habits that would  help you get your dreams your hobby . Just like I stated.

Do you have absolute faith ? How Do You Carry Yourself? Do you  see yourself like someone who is not capable  of  achieving anything good ? what are they things you store in your mind ?  Don’t you believe that you can go for it and have it ?  You need to completely erase anything stopping you from getting they things you want . Make a positive confession all the time about things you want . Write it down and add the word “must” to it . E.g I must reach my financial freedom this year .  This way you position your body and mind well towards your  goals. Become aware of the negative thoughts and turn into positive ones. This is how to set goals to achieve easy and quick success.

  • Do you self talk ? When you  are just all alone by self ,start calling yourself great names like a great achiever, focused mind , huge success,  tremendous changes . We all must have heard of this saying “YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU  ARE “ . Make positive declarations , profess the goals you want into reality.  This very method of setting  a goal brings about  tremendous changes.

Do you even make plans ? challenge your self always by setting goals no matter how small , stretch  your mind ,  strategise,  think of what to do to get yourself the dream. Stand in front of the mirror and declare that you must always get anything you set your mind to    Look for images and quotes that inspire you.  Read them out loud every day . Plan it in the morning  , afternoon and night. As you  go about  your daily activities,  harbour the things you  wish to achieve  in your mind . By setting your goals this way . You would figure out ideas on how to make it happen.

  • Persistence :  No matter the goal you  are seeking to    You need to have the spirit of perseverance.  Hold on to that dream .  Goals can be challenging.  Tackle those challenges like a bad ass you are. Nothing that has any kind of value comes easily.  Ask successful people  they will tell you.

Don’t just quit because of stumbles you meet in your quest to  achieving your goals. Take those stumbles as lessons that will eventually  guide you.  By being persistent you are setting a goal that would come like a tornado. Learn how to set goals like this.

  • Do you have a burning desire for your goal? You cannot get what you  don’t desire.  Set a goal by making  your goal a priority.  When you  desire or love something, you always put in effort to see that  it flourishes.  Anything  you  find desirable you tend to  grow so much affection for it . And when you are affectionate for something you always consider it fragile and ought to treat it with so much care and respect  . Treat your goal as such .

Now you have learned how to set goals, do make it your responsibility to put it into practice  , so you can get the good things you have always wanted.

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