Migrating To Canada From UAE: Here is Everything you Need to Know About Migrating to Canada

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Migrating To Canada From UAE: Here is Everything you Need to Know About Migrating to Canada

Moving to a new country can be challenging even if it’s to a country that is most welcoming as Canada. If you have decided you will relocate from UAE to Canada then congratulations it could turn out to be a very good decision. But then the journey wouldn’t be that easy but we managed to discuss some of the things you should know before you make that switch.

Everything you need to know about relocating to Canada

Canadian Immigration System

Canada has a unique immigration system that allows the country to welcome thousands of immigrants each year. With their robust immigration system, just about anyone could be eligible to relocate to the country. But that is not entirely the case because you could be rejected and deemed inadmissible if you are unable to meet the necessary requirements for a visa. We recently published a post on “Different ways you can move to Canada from UAE” you should check it. For a quick recap, here is a list of different visa types that are available to you:

  1. Express Entry for Skilled Workers
  2. Business Start-up or Investor
  3. Provincial Class
  4. Family-Sponsored
  5. Spouse Sponsored
  6. Quebec-Selected
  7. International Adoption
  8. Refugees
  9. Caregivers
  10. Self-Employed

The Living Cost is great

The cost of living is generally higher than what is attainable in Dubai. What this means is that it will cost you more to purchase groceries, afford some restaurants, liquor, transportation, and so on. The cost could be much more affordable, maybe even similar to that of Dubai if you are going to live outside the big cities in Canada.–Advertisements–

Canadian Culture and Language

It is easier to understand what a country’s culture is from within. That way you could tell for yourself if you are in the right place or not. Canada is a country with a diverse culture. Because they have accommodated so many immigrants with their different cultures, you could easily see a culture similar to yours. However, you need to first do an in-depth search to determine if the way of life in Canada is best for you. There are also two official languages in Canada which are French and English. The majority of English speakers dominate more than 70% of Canada. You will likely not be allowed to immigrate to Canada if you are not able to communicate with any of the two languages.

The Road Laws in Canada

There is no room for second chances if you violate any rules, then you will be punished because the road laws in Canada are very strict. If you drink, don’t drive if you don’t drink. you should understand the road signs and you are required to drive on the right side of the road.

Is Finding a Job Easy

If you don’t already get a job offer in Canada before making that move, then finding a job could just be as challenging as it will be for anyone in a new country. Immigrants who are skilled would easily find a job in Canada faster.

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