MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2022 (March)

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Nigeria Internet Service Providers (ISP) actually have enhanced security that helps close opportunities for free internet websites being tunneled or their cheapest social bundles being used to power all apps. But as imperfect humans, all loopholes cannot be successfully “BLOCKED”, so we have been able to provide “WORKING” and updated cheats (if that’s what it’s called in your country, we prefer just calling it free internet). 

There is still some working free data codes for all networks 2022 posted by top free browsing sites like and others. To benefit, just ensure you follow our updates on this blog and in the telegram group.

So you are searching for the latest MTN free browsing, latest Glo free internet, latest Airtel data codes or latest 9Mobile tweaks, cellC , this article is for you to read on. 

We have provided our well researched and not fake, but working latest South Africa free internet tricks connected, Nigerian free browsing cheats, Indonesian free internet, Ghana tricks, Sri Lanka Free-Net, Philippines free internet, Jamaican free internet, Uganda free internet, Kenya free internet, Indian free internet and so on.

Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2022 (Tested)

This list below of working free browsing codes are not posted for ranking purposes unlike some websites ranking top for the search term “free browsing cheat” is one of the rare top free browsing sites you will ever find, so we are writing this long article to help many who are yet to know we exist. So make sure you follow our updates on this website, through the mail, or via our social media accounts.

So how does free browsing work?

Well, that term is well known, you don’t need to be a tech guy to know what it means, with free browsing, you can access the internet for free, sometimes the data is capped, while rarely it is unlimited. 
Though social bundle should not be categorized as free browsing, it is also called such by some due to how cheap the subscription is, you can access all websites and apps with a social bundle meant for only social media.

Why do people search for free bundle? Benefits?

Mostly in Africa and Asian regions like Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Swaziland, Sri Lanka, India, Eswatini e.t.c the ISP (Internet Service Provider) doesn’t make data purchase very easy for their customers, rather it is one expensive with little data not able to reach students for research purposes in school, workers that own a cyber cafe and another category of individuals. 
So when there is free data code for all networks, people are quick to utilize them before the ISP gets the loophole blocked, people are able to download large files, stream online, and also socialize more with family and friends for free.

How Does Free Internet Browsing Work?

Free Internet can be used with a tunneling VPN, via SMS, or via USSD Code, but most of the time, VPNs do the work. 
The main reason VPNs are being used for network free browsing is because you can tunnel free websites provided by your ISP through a Virtual Private Network and by doing so, you can use those free websites meant for accessing a specific content meant as strictly authorized by the Network for other activities by browsing, streaming, downloading, using social media.
In the past years, there have been several free browsing settings discovered for various VPNs, we have even provided them on this website – 
Some apps include HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, Spark VPN, Napsternet VPN, V2RayNG and the list goes on. Some of them require importing of files known as config files which are still working to date – 2022, while there are new VPN applications that fixed that stress, so such ones have no config files.
Currently, in Nigeria, the most trending free internet is Glo unlimited free browsing cheat, and don’t get me wrong, it is not the one we discovered that requires 2 sim cards which we call Glo night cheat, rather this is called Glo Opera cheat and it works only on a VPN known as UT Loop LITE or UT Loop PRO VPN – Blocked.
Also, if you are from RZA, you should know there are recent free internet browsing for your country, they are MTN SA Unlimited, Telkom Unlimited, and CellC unlimited.
It works mostly on only V2Ray/Vmess protocols, so apps like HTTP Injector V2Ray Plugin, Napsternet, and V2RayNG can get it working. So below, we have provided all the working free browsing cheats for several networks for so many countries worldwide.

Required Tools needed to Enjoy Free Internet in 2022

  • Android Smartphone – at least 1.6GB RAM
  • To enjoy on PC, get Pdanet on PC & Android
  • Tunneling Apps like (VPN Apps) UT Loop, HTTP Injector, e.t.c
  • Config files if available below
  • SIM Cards such as MTN SA SIM, Digicell SIM, Flow SIM, Telkom, Vodafone SIM, Safaricom SIM, An MTN SIM, A Glo SIM, An Airtel SIM, 9Mobile SIM, Cell C SIM

So these above are just the general requirements, get the SIM available for your network and use them, if your country is not listed on this post, you can still enjoy the free internet settings provided here. So read on to get the current working free browsing cheats for the popular networks in South Africa, UAE, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, India, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, etc.

Latest Free Browsing 2022 – Free Data Code All Networks

We are coming home first, so starting with this website region, below are the networks and the tutorials for free internet browsing, all countries that still work. Kindly note, we also mentioned previously working free browsing so you are aware when they are back, such ones will be tagged as blocked for now.

MTN Cheats Nigeria 2022 (Working 100%)

  • V2Ray by UTLoop MTN 50MB (Working)
  • V2Ray By UTLoop MTN E-Learn 500MB Daily (Working)
  • V2Ray by UTLoop MTN 10MB (Blocked)
  • V2Ray by UTLoop MTN Udux 1.1GB (Blocked)
  • MTN YouTube Free Browsing using UT Loop VPN (Blocked)
  • MTN N0.00k Free Browsing using UT Loop VPN (Blocked)
  • MTN free browsing with HTTP Injector, Stark VPN, KPN (Blocked)
  • MTN Game Plus and Music Plus cheat (Blocked)
  • MTN 50MB Capped – (Blocked)
  • MTN Promo Code Free Data Cheat – 314587629s to 460 (Blocked)
  • MTN Hammer VPN Cheat – Tunnelguru (Blocked)
  • MTN Combo VPN Settings for MTN cheat 2019 (Blocked)
  • MTN Night Bundle Cheat (Blocked)
  • MTN 10GB 4G Data Awoof (Blocked)
  • MTN NG Mpulse Samsung Max (Blocked)
  • MTN BBLITED (Blocked)

So now, you know which are working and which aren’t, so we have debunked fake cheat websites deceiving their users on which free browsing is working and which isn’t. These we mentioned are the only working free data code for all networks on MTN currently, it will be updated when we discover another.

Airtel Cheats Nigeria  2022 (Working 100%)

  • Airtel 50MB Cheat via V2Ray by UTLoop (Working)
  • Airtel 700MB cheat Via UT Loop LITE & UT Loop PRO (Working)
  • Airtel 500MB cheat Via UT Loop VPN (Working)
  • Airtel 200MB/d V2Ray by UTLoop (Blocked)
  • Airtel Free 500MB Dialy V2Ray by UTLoop (Blocked)
  • Airtel data reversal internet trick (Blocked)
  • Popular Airtel opera mini handler cheat (Blocked)
  • Airtel Data Cheat discovered by UcheTechs (Blocked)

So as you can see, only social bundles work very well on Airtel sim cards in Nigeria, the 30MB – 50MB also works, but people prefer to use social since it’s more MB for a small amount.

GLO Cheats Nigeria 2022

  • Glo DNS Unlimited Free Browsing only on UT Loop Pro (Working)
  • Latest Glo Opera Cheat Unlimited only on UT Loop VPN (Blocked)
  • Glo Unlimited Free Browsing V2Ray VPN by UTLoop (Blocked)
  • Glo WTF Social Bundle Cheat (Blocked)
  • Glo Night Unlimited late 2020 (Blocked)
  • Glo Gamebox Unlimited (Blocked)
  • Glo Your Freedom VPN Unlimited (Blocked)
  • Glo o.ook Unlimited Free browsing with AnonyTun (Blocked)
  • Glo free browsing cheat with Sky VPN for iPhone and Android (Blocked)

Glo has some great free browsing, in fact, the best now is Glo Opera Unlimited, many of our competitors refused to share this tweak, so you are fortunate to be among the few people to know about this, what they did is a good thing, it makes it almost impossible for it to get so viral that it gets blocked. It works only on UT Loop Lite and Pro, no other free net tunneling app has been able to successfully get it working, and they will never do so.

9Mobile Cheats Nigeria 2022

  • 9Mobile 150MB cheat via UT Loop LITE & PRO (Working)
  • 9Mobile 150MB Free browsing cheat via V2Ray (Blocked)
  • UT Loop VPN 9Mobile 2.5GB for N500 Social Pak Cheat (Working)
  • 9Mobile 3.5GB Streaming Pak cheat (Working)
  • 51VPN Free browsing settings (Blocked)
  • Inf VPN Free internet settings (Blocked)
  • 9Mobile Office VPN Unlimited Free Browsing (Blocked)
  • 9Mobile Ultra Sulf (Blocked)
  • 9Mobile Yoga VPN (Blocked)
  • 9Mobile Games Unlimited Free Internet (Blocked)
  • 9mobile 2.5GB Data Trick Via X VPN (Blocked)
  • TLS Config file for 9mobile free browsing cheat (Blocked)

9Mobile best cheat now is 300MB, but this might not be 300MB for your sim card as it is capped differently on all sims, but to get an assured MB, make use of the 150MB, which is the same cap on all sim cards. Also, you can use the 2.5GB for N500, which works well too and it lasts for 30 days, it’s cheaper and works on all applications.

South Africa Free Browsing Cheat 2022

  • V2Ray by UTLoop Telkom, CellC, Vodacom, MTN Free (Working)
  • UT Loop VPN Cell C Unlimited Cheat (Blocked)
  • UT Loop PRO & LITE MTN Cheat and Tekcom free internet (Working)
  • MTN SA Music Time Cheat UT Loop (Working)
  • MTN SA 100/200MB Cheat (Blocked)
  • MTN SA 500MB (Blocked)
  • MTN South Africa cheat with HTTP Injector (Blocked)
  • South Africa Cell C Cheat with HTTP Injector (Blocked)
  • Avo Data for Mtn Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, Free Airtime (Blocked)

Swaziland / Eswatini Free Internet Tweaks 2022

  • MTN 500MB+ capped UT Loop Lite/Pro (Working)
  • MTN Unlimited Free UT Loop Lite/Pro (Working)
  • Eswatini Mobile Free Browsing on UT Loop LITE (Blocked)
  • MTN Eswatini TikTok 1GB Free Internet browsing (Blocked)
  • Eswatini Mobile Free Browsing 5GB YouTube Bundle (Blocked)

Uganda Internet Tricks

  • Uganda MTN 15M Daily Free Internet Tricks on UT Loop (Blocked)
  • Uganda MTN Swift Bundle Settings on UT Loop (Blocked)
  • Africell Uganda Free Browsing Cheat (Blocked) 

Myanmar Unlimited Free Internet

  • MPT Myanmar Unlimited Free Internet via Slow DNS (Blocked)

Sri Lanka Free Internet

  • Sri Lanka Working free internet for Hutch, Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel is all on UT Loop VPN, download the app from playstore and choose your sim card tweak to enjoy free internet browsing. There is Sri Lanka Youtube cheat, WhatsApp cheat, Telegram chat, and gaming cheat.

Turkey Free Unlimited Internet

  • Turkcell Turkey Free Unlimited Internet Trick (Blocked)
  • Turkey free internet on UT Loop VPN (Blocked)

Philippines Free Browsing Internet

  • Over 10 Tweaks for the Philippines are available on UT Loop LITE and PRO (Working)

Indonesia Free Internet Cheats

  • Axis Gaming Tweak (Working)
  • Telkomsel GameMax (Working)
  • Hotstar + Disney (Working)
  • Maxstream unlimited (Working) | All UT Loop VPN

Ghana Free Browsing Tweak (FBT)

  • MTN APN Trick Unlimited UT Loop LITE (Blocked)
  • GHA MTN 50MB/D (Working)
  • Vodafone Social Bundle (Working)
  • MTN Mashup Pulse Bundle (Working)
  • Glo Yakata Infinite (Blocked)

Jamaica Free Internet

  • Jamaica Flow Free Internet Using UT Loop PRO VPN (Working)

Guinea Free Browsing

  • Digicel Guinea Social Pass Cheat With UT Loop VPN (Blocked)

Zambia Free Internet

  • Zamtel Sociak Bundle, MTN, Airtel Unlimited (Working)

Zimbabwe Free Browsing Tweak

  • ZIM MTN Social, Econet, Tetone ADSL Free browsing tweak (Working)

Saudi Arabia Free Internet No Load

  • Saudi Mobily 60, 75, 180 SAR Free Unlimited Internet (Working)
  • Saudi Arabia STC Educational Package via UT Loop VPN (Working)

Peru Unlimited Free Internet Tricks

  • UT Loop Free Internet settings for Peru Movistar Free Data unstable, if you are from Peru, then I will suggest you watch the video because it is in your language and you will see how it work.

Egypt Free Internet browsing settings

  • Egypt Router WE Unlimited free internet (Working)
  • Egypt Vodafone and Orange free browsing trick (Blocked)

Columbia Free Internet Browsing

  • Due to the number of users leaving feedback about the Columbia Avantel sim, we have successfully verified Avantel Movistar WhatsApp Bundle is the best, it is Working perfectly for all sims and Android users. 

Brazil Free Browsing Cheat

  • Brazil users are also not forgotten, you can enjoy free internet mostly on Claro SIM, they also have a WhatsApp pack which can be powered with a tunnel vpn to power all applications. Brazil Vivo sim users can also enjoy Working unlimited free internet using the working settings for their network.

Afghanistan Free Browsing Etisalat

  • For Afghanistan, there are some working tweaks that have been confirmed to be working such as Etisalat free. This works on some VPN applications, there is also MTN Free and Unitel Unlimited. So choose your sim tweak and enjoy free internet in Afghanistan.
  • Afghanistan Etisalat Free Internet Trick Settings for UT Loop LITE

Free Data Code for All Network 2022

This section is for Free browsing applications that offer free Data when you download their app or perform some tasks. They work for practically all networks for different countries, so below are some examples.

Jumia App Free Data & Airtime

Jumia App offers free airtime which can be used to purchase free 1GB, 4GB, and more when you refer a user. Sometimes this offer is increased to N500, while sometimes it is N1000 per referred users. I have been able to earn as much as 22k which was used to purchase food provisions. 
So you can earn a lot of money from Jumia, it can be used to purchase Airtimes, Data, TV Subscriptions, Ntel Bundle Plans and so on. To learn how it works, read this article, it also shows you what to do to earn free airtime.
Don’t Miss:Apps for Free Browsing


Using the above links, you will see all the information and tutorials needed to get the latest Free Data Code for All Network 2022 from different countries. Now you can no longer be deceived as to which free browsing tricks are working, we have verified which are working and we are always ready to respond to your questions, we will update this page with more info.
So, which cheat is working for you right now? Let us know via the comment section below, thanks for reading and now you have a clue on what works for real.

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