Singapore Visa Application 2021 & Requirements

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Singapore Visa Application 2021 & Requirements

Do you wish to travel to Singapore? This article will help explain Singapore visa application the process involved and the documents you will need to get into the country. Singapore is located in maritime Southeast Asia and is one of the most popular countries in the region. The country is usually known for its modern and tall buildings as well as its clean streets. 

Like other foreign countries, you will need to obtain a visa which is pre-entry permission for those who seek to carry out any task in Singapore such as study, work, tour, or visit. The country which is regarded as the financial and business hub in Southeast Asia has an open immigration policy that offers different types of visas to suit each purpose for visit. 

The different Singapore visas are provided to help attract and bring business owners, students, skilled workers, foreign professionals, high net-worth individuals, and investors to the country.

Singapore Visa Appication 2021 & Requirements

Types of Singapore Visa

  1. Employment Pass
  2. The Entre pass or Entrepreneur Pass
  3. Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)
  4. S-Pass
  5. Work permit for foreign performers working for public entertainment in places like hotels, nightclubs, and so on.
  6. Training work permit
  7. Student Visa
  8. Miscellaneous work pass

The visa types are categorized as either long-term or short-term visas. Long-term visas are for those who will be staying in the country for a longer period. These are people who will be coming to the country to work, study, invest, and so on. 

The short-term visa on the other hand is usually valid for at most 6 months. So, depending on what your purpose is, your visa could have a validity of less than 6 months. For either category, you’d still be required to provide proof of financial capability to support yourself during your stay in Singapore. The applicants must also have been vaccinated for Covid 19 as well as for yellow fever if applicable.

How to Apply for the Singapore Visa

  • There are some countries that are exempted from obtaining a Singapore visa; you have to check if your country falls under that category.
  • You are required to have all your documents available and duly signed. Ensure that no part of the document is falsified, else your visa application may be rejected by the visa officer.
  • You will be able to get the application via the Singapore immigration website online and you can submit it either online or offline depending on your location and/or if you have a Singapore Visa Application Centre in your home country.
  • Fill the form with accurate information and ensure you sign only where necessary. While submitting you’d have to attach additional documents like your passport photograph, a means of identification, and so on.
  • You’d have to make some payments for the processing and also make some security deposits before you can travel.
  • You will receive an email once your visa application is successful and you can proceed to receive them

Your Visa Application Could Be Rejected If:

  • If you have incomplete documents
  • You have previously been convicted of some serious illegal or unlawful acts.
  • If the photograph you submitted is unclear (blurred), the visa will be rejected.
  • You should also avoid mistakes on your form; it could cost you your visa
  • Ensure the documents you provided are valid
  • Travelers must have adequate and sufficient funds to take care of themselves while in the country. Without this evidence, you will not be allowed to obtain a visa.

You can download and get the form via the website

What documents are required to apply?

The documents are slightly different from one another depending on what you are coming to in the country. If it’s for a student visa your documents may be quite different from that of the person who is applying for a work or visitor visa. The general documents required are:

  1. You are required to have a copy of your passport
  2. Have a passport photograph of the correct size. The background of the passport should be white
  3. Your international passport must be a maximum of 6 months from expiration.
  4. Complete a medical test and present the written result as well as a police clearance to prove that you are admissible to enter Singapore and to ensure you are not a threat to the lives and property of residents in Hungary.
  5. You are to show evidence of hotel reservation to quarantine.
  6. Evidence of Basic traveling allowance that is enough to cover the entire duration of your stay in Singapore
  7. During the application, you are required to write a detailed statement of purpose explaining why you want to enter Singapore.
  8. Evidence to show air/flight booking indicating the airline, departure, and arrival dates
  9. Email address to enable you to receive a message about the approved Arrival Card
  10. Method of payment like your credit card to cover the processing fee
  11. Travel itinerary
  12. Proof of return or onward travel
  13. A Yellow Fever Vaccination document if it applies to your country
  14. The visa processing fee is S$30 which is non-refundable. The application fee is payable online and you will need a credit card or MasterCard credit/debit card
  15. Proof of Covid 19 vaccination

All travelers including minors are required to have their own passport. You will also receive a Visit Pass or other types of visa if you are eligible. It would indicate that you are permitted to be in Singapore for a period of time indicated in your visa. You are expected to leave the country when your visa expires. 

Overstaying in the country could mean serious punishment for you. You have the option to extend your stay in the country but it can only be done before your visa expires. To apply for an extension, you can use the online channel or visit the Visitor Service Centre in Singapore

It is advisable and also helpful to make your application move in advance, this would help you avoid the late hour rush of the last minute. If you are applying for a visa, you should also have at the back of your mind that your application may be rejected, so making your plans and submitting an application early could help you tackle the problem early enough.

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