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v1.0.4 for Android

TenkafuMA is a role-playing game rich in fantasy for adult gamers. With cute and high-quality art in the spirit of anime / hentai works, a large collection of frank content, and a storyline that is both captivating and compelling from a gameplay perspective, this game is sure to attract many fans of the genre.
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v1.0.4 for Android
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Become Caeser, one of the strongest archdemons in the world, and become the dominant force across the demon realm, human realm, and even heavens!

Your very own army of concubines will be both warm and loving, but also powerful and fierce!

Take them over! Take control! Have all the women you see as your own playthings!

Stop giving me basic female demons!

How about conquering the world? That’d be cool! Really?

Really? You said I could bang tons of chicks if I conquered the world?

Anything is possible! I did, and I will continue to do so! …and I can see angels, demons, elves, dwarfs, princesses, and generals as often as I want!!

What do I have to lose? Take the land from them and punish the women!

About Tenkafuma APK

TenkafuMA is an H-gacha game with a turn-based card battle system. You play as Archdemon Caesar and you have to create a team of five waifus in order to conquer the world.

Dedicated to an adult gaming audience, this is a fantasy roleplaying game. Fans of anime/hentai will certainly feel captivated for quite some time by the cartoony, high-quality artwork, a huge amount of frank content, and a gameplay that is simply fascinating. The main character will have their help of them to conquer the fantasy world, whose defenders have long considered themselves to be particularly cool characters. Here’s your chance to prove that they are wrong, defeat them in battle, enslave the territory, and build your own kingdom with all the attributes needed for the dark lord’s merry life.

Introducing Tenkafuma APK! You play as Caesar, the strongest archdemon from the demon world, as you wage war against the demon world, the human world, and heaven. There is no limit to what you can accomplish and how strong you can become. After you have invaded and dominated, you will be able to take any woman you see and make her your own. Do whatever you want and break all the rules.

The game offers five different elements and classes, making hundreds of possible skill combinations, allowing you to create the most powerful harem army. You can also customize your battle styles. Furthermore, the game offers a wide range of bizarre items to discipline your girls, such as tentacles, lamps, and popsicles.


Most story quests are straightforward, and the main method of beating them is simply leveling your units. The boss battles in each chapter, however, have specific mechanics you must be aware of.

Demons spared

Some of the most challenging content in the game can be found in the demon spare. Similarly, in other tower mode games, you have to clear all levels up to level 50 to gain rewards. The difficulty increases with each successive level.

Key Features of Tenkafuma APK

I laughed so hard at these plots! I don’t need to “save the world” or anything like that, and I don’t have to investigate weird conspiracies!

Don’t follow the rules, follow Caesar! Do whatever it takes to win!

It is only for the sake of getting the babes that I fight. Every single one of you belongs to me!”

Battles of the Noggin

  • A variety of jobs and attributes, hundreds of combinations of skills! Make your harem strong with turn-based strategy battles!
  • This body sculpting system will blow your brains out. Don’t be shy!
  • Those REAL skins, let me see them! Bring the chicks to their knees!

There are countless nasty punishments

  • Love popsicles, eggs,   and so on.
  • Enjoy (and discipline) your women with a variety of weird props!
  • When you unlock all the HCG, they’ll fall for you!
  • Watch the Sex Scenes with animated spines!
  • A realistic sex adventure with fully voiced animated Spine CG! Are you imprisoned? Afraid? Cuckolded?
  • There’s nothing you can’t think of!
  • TenkafuMA is the place where you can fulfill all your sex fantasies!

The Mysterious Shop

From the summoning contracts, you can have five mystery shops, and each one only requires 300 Demonites. This will give you increased mileage. Using your redemption code will provide you with the additional summons.

Your unit will benefit from this boost

You should try to use EXP potions as often as possible and then boost your units to their current level using them.  Doing so will automatically ensure victory.

The best android emulator: LDPlayer also supports Keyboard Macro Commands that can help boost the performance of your units. As a result of this feature, you will be able to set one key action to perform your repeating attacks; as a result, you will have much better results from your battles with your units.

Ensure that all missions are completed

The Demonite and soul can be obtained by completing every mission on each map. While you progress through Tenkafuma APK, you will need souls and Demonite.

Coins made from farm silver

TenkafuMA, remember that you’ll need a ton of Silver to play this game and that no amount of Demonite converters will provide you with enough Silver. To obtain enough Silver, exchange your souls for silver coins instead.

The energy content of 323

TenkafuMA, you will have 323 energy at your disposal every day. You can either complete the daily quests for this chapter or clear the three stars chapters.

Demonite: spend time there

There is a desire among all players to level up quickly. No matter what Tenkafuma APK is. Be sure to invest in Demonite in order to do so. It will speed up your leveling process.

Increasing your basic level will give you better access to rewards. For each level up, you get an additional energy refill.

Two healers working together

You will have a huge advantage if you have two healers on your team. It is possible to get around the oversized counter as the two healers will always have their passives up. Additionally, your enemy will be unable to attack her unless she uses her Ultimate Ability.


Despite their pretty faces and sexy outfits, you should be wary of these girls. Despite their sensual looks, they are capable fighters. Below are information about a few of them:

Make a counter with Uruta. Uruta is an excellent shielder and taunter.

Your team should include an AOE attacker. Ritsuki or Brittney are good examples.

Your units should be at the same level if you complete all the free quests on all maps.

You should guard Minayomi when she uses the laid-up or her Stance power-up. Her attack buff after Still water causes you to kill her immediately.

Put Lana to sleep by bursting down and bringing damage mitigation either in Obstructors or Shielders forms. It is because she uses both an instant kill ability when below 475,000 and a high AOE ability every four turns

You will be wiped out in an instant if you try to kill Irene first. Do not attempt it until the very last minute.

You should not attack Satan when she uses Brutal Brutality. Rather, you should defend yourself. Through the fights, Satan can heal herself.


Tenkafuma APK has a lot of potentials to be an extremely addicting game. TenkafuMA beginners do not need to worry much about the game because it is super straightforward and has an outstanding art style. We hope that this article has answered all your questions about Tenkafuma. Just follow the guidelines and you’ll succeed.

Download Tenkafuma APK Latest Version

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