Unlimited data airtel free browsing cheat And Data Hack 2022 (100% working)

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unlimited data airtel free browsing cheat And Data Hack 2022 (100% working)

Recently i wrote on mtn free browsing cheat, but toady i came with airtel free browsing cheat 2019  which is the trending now.

This airtel cheat for 2019  is 100%  working, so don’t panic because you have come to the right source.

Is this airtel data cheat working?

Yes of course, you know i can not share nonsense cheat here on my blog,  this trick is now used by millions of people, so don’t be Left out.

This latest airtel cheat 2019  has no limitations at all, once the cheat is activated, you can browse until mana call.

Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Airtel Free Data Bonus Codes

How to Get Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2019

It’s simple. Just dial the following Airtel Free Data Bonus Codes below.
*141*13*200# gives 200MB Airtel free data.*141*13*100# gives 100MB Airtel free data.*141*13*50# gives 50MB free Airtel data.*141*13*1# gives 1MB free Airtel data.You only need to dial those codes to find out which one works out for you.

How to check Airtel Free Data Bonus BalanceTo Check Airtel Free Data Bonus Balance, Simply dial *140# or *223#.
That’s it, go ahead and enjoy and don’t forget to stay glued as i bring more working airtel free browsing cheat.

Airtel Free Data Cheat Codes 2021: Enjoy Big Data With Less.

In this section, you will find all the available Airtel data cheat to browse the internet for free or at a very cheaper rate.

First, watch this short video that shows you how to earn free airtime for data on airtel and all other networks today:

Free Airtel 60GB Data For N1500

This is the airtel cheap data plan cheat that gives you 6gigabytes for only 1500naira to download your favorite stuff on the internet.

It’s not what you think, though. This cheat works well on Android smartphones, iPhone, PC, Mac, and others but it’s sim selective.

What that means is; The Airtel cheat codes work on some sim cards and doesn’t work on others.

Yes, it’s in favor of new customers whose sim cards are under 3months.

But this shouldn’t limit you, right? You can give it a shot as an Old Customer and luckily, it may work for you.

How To Check If You Are Eligible For Airtel 6GB For N1500 Data Plan.

It’s important to check eligibility to avoid spending your money and end up using it for nothing.

To do this;

  • Open Your Phone Dialer. It’s also known as your calling app usually in-built on all smartphone devices.
  • Dial *141*1504#. After opening the dialer app, type in *141*1504# and send it to your network provider.

You should receive a message saying; “Dear customer, You don’t have sufficient balance to enjoy this offer. Please recharge and try again later”.

If you get the above message as a response, this means that you are qualified for this plan. Mehn! you’re set for this airtel free data hack.
Meanwhile, if you get; “You are not eligible for this offer” or related, this means that you are not amongst the selected customers to enjoy this plan.

Now, let’s proceed if you are eligible.

How To Activate Airtel 6GB Data Cheat Code

  • Open Your Phone Dialer. It’s the in-built calling application installed on your smartphone.
  • Simply Dial *141*1504# . Type in the cheat code for airtel and send it to your network provider. After this action, you will get a message from Airtel that confirms that you’ve been given the 6gigabyte data.

Did you get it? Congratulations, check your data balance.

Airtel 4.6GB For N200

You can get up to 4.6GB for only 200naira by following the steps below:

  • Recharge your line with N200. To do this, make use of the airtel recharge code I have provided.
  • Now, dial *746#. Once you dial the code you will receive the 4608MB which is equal to 4.6GB data.
  • To accumulate the data, simply dial *746# with another N200 recharge on your line.
  • To check data balance, dial *140#.


Airtel Data Cheat Code 2GB For N200 – 6GB For N500

You must have come across this cheap data plan once. It’s for real, no joke.

It works for all airtel SIM Cards and this means that it’s not SIM selective.

Whether you are a new or old customer it doesn’t matter. Just load at least N200, N500, or more to be qualified.

How To Subscribe For 2GB Plan

  • Recharge N200 On Your Line. This is the passkey. Without airtime, you can’t activate.
  • Dial *482*1#. To activate the 2GB data for N200, kindly dial the code above.
  • After that, you will get a successful message that your 2gigabytes have been granted.
  • Check Data Balance. Simply dial *140# to check the data you purchased.

How To Activate 6GB Data

  • Recharge With N500. You must recharge at least 500naira to subscribe to this plan.
  • Dial *482*2#. Open your phone dialer, enter the USSD code you see, and dial it.

Confirm the purchase and you will receive a successful message from Airtel.

  • Dial *140# to check data balance.

Important: You must activate 2G Network for you to be able to browse with the data you received. This plan is one of the latest airtel cheat code 2021 for low cost internet browsing.

To turn on 2G,

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap More…
  • Next, Tap Mobile Network
  • Tap Preferred Network Type
  • Select 2G.

Go back and start browsing.

This post will be updated with more airtel free data cheat codes, make sure you check back again so that you don’t miss out.

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