Apex Legends Mobile: All Season 1 Ranked Rewards

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Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season 1 has started, and here is the entire list of rewards you can earn by reaching all the different ranks.

The developers have added the highly competitive Ranked mode to the game, similar to its PC and console counterparts.

For the uninitiated, playing Ranked mode matches offer a certain amount of points to players after their matches based on their performance. There are several Ranked tiers and one can grind their way to the top in every Season.

You will have to first reach level 8 in the game in order to unlock the ranked mode. Once unlocked, players will be able to jump into ranked games with their friends or random players. The concept is simple the more matches you win and play well, the quicker you level up.

Whenever your rank increases, you will earn a reward. If you are wondering what all ranked rewards you can win, then, here’s a full list of all Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 ranked rewards.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Ranked Rewards

Initially, every player starts from Iron and will have to grind and rank up their way to Predator, the highest ranked tier of Apex Legends Mobile. You will lose points when you perform poorly in the matches, so make sure to play with a well-defined team and plan out strategies.

Ranked mode is a great way to show off one’s skill and prowess in the game and the stakes are really high. So jumping in with random teammates might not be a good idea most of times.

Here are all the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 ranked rewards that you earn at different ranks:

  • Bronze: Ranked Match Bronze Rank Holo Spray
  • Silver: Ranked Match Silver Rank Holo Spray
  • Gold: Ranked Match Gold Rank Holo Spray
  • Platinum: Ranked Match Platinum Rank Holo Spray
  • Diamond: S1 Diamond Ranked Match Trail, S1 Diamond Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Diamond Rank Holo Spray
  • Master I: S1 Master I Ranked Match Trail, S1 Master I Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Master I Rank Holo Spray
  • Predator: S1 Predator Ranked Match Trail, S1 Predator Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Predator Rank Holo Spray
Apex Legends Mobile Ranked

Ranked Season will go on for almost two months, i.e., till July 2022, so make sure to reach the highest rank and obtain all the rewards. So, that’s about everything you need to know regarding all Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 ranked rewards.

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