Download Dragon City Mod Apk 2022 V12.8.5 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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Download Dragon City Mod Apk 2022 V12.8.5 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Dragon City Mod Apk is a social simulation game in which you live in a magical fantasy world. Create a society in which your dragons can flourish by giving them many resources, such as places to rest, eat, explore, and go about their full, prosperous dragon lives.

Over 100 different dragons to find, train, and master. The number of dragons accessible to play with grows every week as the game is updated. Dragons, on the other hand, are fickle, demanding animals that will only want to reside in your city if it has the traits they want.

Prepare your dragons for battles with other players online. Meanwhile, as you battle to defeat the other players in the Dragon City world, mix up to 10 distinct types of dragons for best results.

Thanks to its beautiful graphics and delightful gameplay, Dragon City is a wonderfully entertaining social game that kids will adore.

Description of Dragon City

Who hasn’t fantasized about owning a dragon as a pet? They’re adorable when they’re young… the difficulty arises when they grow up and start spitting fire, but that’s a different story 😆

Dragon City is a fun game that falls somewhere between combat and city management, with dragons as the main characters. You’ll be able to build your own dragon army and engage in battles with other players from the safety of your own city.

Dragons are interesting animals, which is why they’re frequently featured in video games. If you’re interested in them as well, Dragon City is a game you’ll probably appreciate. It is a Socialpoint-published simulation strategy game. In this game, you take on the role of a dragon master who gathers, breeds, and battles other online players’ dragons.

In this game, your ultimate aim is to become a Dragon Master. It appears to be a fantastic game in which you may not only play with dragons but also breed them. You get to breed many types of dragons, then train and grow them into strong and powerful creatures.

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Dragon City: Gameplay

To begin, you’ll need to construct habitats for your dragons so that they have where to live. The habitat you’ll require will be determined by the dragons you have. Apart from that, you’ll need a farm where you would feed your dragons. Food is crucial since it is what will allow you to level up your dragon. You can decorate your island as you like when building it because there are additional buildings accessible for it such as trees, stones, and bushes.

However, the majority of your time here will be spent breeding, training, and growing dragons. The dragons you utilize in combat will have a big impact on your objective of becoming a Dragon Master. There are almost 1000 dragons to collect. Many of them can be acquired through breeding if the appropriate dragons are used. There are two types of battles: campaign battles and arena battles.

Because you’re competing against other players in the Arena battle, you can truly put your dragon team to the test. Because you can climb the ranks as you win battles, this is also where you can see if you’ve already gained the Dragon Master rank. As a result, doing well against other players might assist you in achieving that objective.

One-on-one battles

In terms of combat, once you’ve trained dragons and acquired a ring, you’ll be able to engage in combat with other online players. The fighting system is turn-based: this means that you pick your dragons and they face off against your opponent dragons one by one, with just one movement or attack for each contender.

The winner will be chosen by the strength of its assaults as well as the life bar of each dragon’s life.

Gold and gems

Dragon City is a freemium game, which means that it is free to download and play but has in-app purchases for specific items. Either pay for such items or you wait long enough to obtain what you need. Gems and gold are the money in Dragon City. As you accomplish missions, you will receive a large amount of gold. Besides, dragons usually produce it after a specific amount of time.

Gems are harder to come by, and getting them will need either a lot of patience or a lot of money.

Train your dragons

Just like I mentioned earlier, your objective is to gather eggs, hatch them, provide a habitat for the dragon, and feed it so that it grows into an adult dragon capable of fighting other dragons in the arena.

You’ll also be serving as the manager of your dragon city throughout this time, as you’ll need to improve the tower where the eggs are made, as well as establish farms to feed the dragons…

Dragon City displays a list of pending jobs to keep you from getting lost in the thick of all the excitement. By clicking them, you will be sent to the location where you must complete the mission.

Easy Tasks

At first, Dragon City can be very complex, but relax the game is developed to help you complete all the major tasks that are required to grow your Dragons. For example, If you don’t want to go to each of the buildings you’ve constructed to see what you need to accomplish at any particular time, you can pick from a list that displays you the objectives and directs you to the location where they are achieved. Aside from that, Dragon City follows the pattern of previous comparable games, featuring well-organized information panels.

Clean graphics

Although it looks better on a tablet than on a phone, Dragon City shines with its graphics and dragon design. You can zoom in to see it in greater detail.

Collect dragons

One of the most appealing aspects of Dragon City is the large number of dragons that can be discovered. You aren’t restricted to the major element of dragons either. Ice, Flame, Nature, Sea, Terra, Dark, Metal, and Light are the nine basic elements in the game. Special components such as Pure, War, Legend, and Primal are also available. Dragons will fall under one of these elements. There are, however, dragons that combine numerous elements.

For instance, if you breed a Flame and an Ice dragon, their offspring will be of these two elements. As a result, you’ll be able to find and collect a variety of dragon combos. When you’re playing, this adds to the excitement and suspense.

There is no energy bar

Another fantastic feature of Dragon City is the absence of an energy bar. That’s fair, many games are constrained by the amount of energy available, as actions use energy. With this simulation game, however, this is not the case. To put it another way, you can undertake activities and other things in the game without having to worry about running out of energy.

Features of Dragon City

  • Every week, new dragons are added to the game via breeding events and unique islands.
  • Add cool Dragon Skins from special events to your dragons.
  • Complete Dragon Quests and compete in PvP Arenas against other Dragon Masters to acquire yet another dragon, claim Warrior’s Chests, and top the leaderboards!
  • In the Tree Of Life, summon dragons from a mystical world to your city and test their abilities.
  • Gather Orbs to strengthen your dragons: Observe their fighting prowess develop!
  • Unlock advanced game elements such as the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragon Towers by completing missions.
  • Join Alliances in Dragon City to fight with other Dragon Trainers, interact with them, and exchange Orbs in the Trading Hub.
  • Breed unique hybrids of over 1000 magnificent dragons by combining dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend, and many more qualities!

Download Dragon City Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:265 MB
Android Version4.4+
Updated Date:21st December 2021

You can easily download Dragon City Mod Apk 2021 from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app. Download Dragon City Mod Apk V12.8.5 (265 MB)

You can download Dragon City on Google Play Store from this LINK

What I don’t like about Dragon City

The most serious problem of Dragon City is that it is a pay-to-win game. Sure, you can probably proceed without paying any money in the game. However, it will take a long time for you to do this. If you don’t spend money, you’ll also lose out on a lot of great event perks. This makes getting strong dragons difficult because you’ll have to struggle a lot and play for a long time to earn materials and resources.

Even so, there’s a chance you won’t receive a nice dragon during hatching. This is most likely the only issue that will prevent you from progressing further in the game. Being a free-to-play gamer, this can be challenging especially as you go through your upgrades. However, with Dragon City Mod Apk unlimited money and gems you can enjoy this game with the unlimited gems in it.


Dragon City Mod Apk is an enjoyable and engaging game that is well worth your time. You’ll appreciate this feature of the game because there are hundreds of dragons to uncover and gather. However, things become more difficult as you go to higher levels unless you pay money. This is why we are sharing Dragon Mod Apk unlimited money and gems 2021 with you.

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