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Download God Hand APK+OBB Free For Android Latest Version

Greetings to all of you. Trying to find out how to free download the Android version of the god hand apk OBB Yes, you may get the Android version of god hand from our site. This is a brand-new version of god hand, which you may have for free by using MediaFire to download from this page. Please read our post today if you want to know everything there is to know about god hand and. After all, the Android version of god hand is available, so you can play it on your phone. The game’s prerequisites are a little high. To play this game on your Android mobile phone, you need at least 1Gb of RAM and 2Gb of RAM. To be really honest, I don’t want to waste your mobile data, so this game only works on smartphones with at least 3 GB of RAM (or higher).

If you want to know how to download god hand apk obb for Android, you should read this post. Take note of the procedures I’ve provided to download the god hand game download apk game.

What Is God Hand Apk OBB

God Hand is a Clover Studio and Capcom action beat ’em up for the PlayStation 2. Filmmaker Shinji Mikami directed the film. This game was released worldwide in 2006 and in the United States in 2007 for PAL areas. On October 4, 2011, it was re-released on the. PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classics downloadable game. Mikami wanted to build a game that appealed to both hardcore gamers and those who enjoy a good laugh. It received a lukewarm reception from critics upon its release in Japan and sold very modestly. Clover Studio shut down after this game released. However. The game went on to hailed as a cult classic and received retroactive praise.

Story Of God Hand Android Mobile

When a fallen angel became the Demon King Angra, his demonic army ravaged the world in the backstory of the game. But Angra was vanquished by a man who had the power of god in his hands and was exiled once more. The folks he saved dubbed him “God Hand” after that. It is said that anyone who has the god hand game for android free download apk “capable of becoming either god or demon.

if they possess it. It’s Gene, a 23-year-old fighter with one of the god hand game apk download android, who’s the focus of a bunch of demons’ attention. Outspoken and masculine, but with an excellent sense of fairness. A 19-year-old descendant of the tribe that previously guarded the god hand apk download android, Olivia, joins Gene on this journey. Having lost her entire family to the demons, she escaped with one of the God Hands and grafted it onto Gene when he saved her from bandits who were trying to steal it.

Introduction Of Characters

An over-the-top cast of characters and plot twists are featured in the game, combines Western and Japanese comedy. A broad variety of combat tactics can mapped to the gamepad’s face buttons in order to produce unique combination attacks. Mapped to the gamepad’s analogue stick buttons. “God Hand”: A fabled supernatural arm used by the protagonist in order to save the world from demons is referred to as the “God Hand” in this storey.

Plot Of God Hand Mobile

An evil demonic society known as the Four Devas is at the centre of the plot. Leader Belize, cigar-addicted officer Elvis, circus ringmaster Shannon, and Azel, a human with one of the God Hands who previously joined the Devas in order to pursue his own ambitions, are among the group’s members. Reoccurring minor enemies include a pair of extremely over-the-top twins; the trio that removed Gene’s original arm; the gorilla in Lucha libre wrestling gear; an android warrior sent by Belize twice to stop Gene; an aspiring rock duo who sold their souls to the demons in exchange for power; and a group of midgets in Super Sentai-style clothing with plans.

In most battles, amusing quips and speech used to reveal the outcome. The god hand over to Gene by Azel after Gene beats Azel in the Tower of Angra, after which angra awakened from inside Azel’s body and rips off his God Hand. The two God Hands Gene now wields allow him to defeat Angra and rescue Olivia.


In the 3D action game, the player can move in any direction, strike with the face buttons, and use special moves. All actions other than basic attacks are controlled via a context-sensitive button that allows the player to turn around. Play as Gene, who is able to climb ladders, collect goods and unleash special assaults on abnormal foes by pressing the button. Four dodge moves assigned to the right analogue stick’s four orientations. The Circle, Triangle, Square, and X buttons can all assigned attacks by the player. Using Square, a player can unleash a barrage of assaults at the same time. Over a hundred manoeuvres are available to the player, ranging from simple jabs and punches to drunken-style and capoeira martial arts techniques.

Powers And Attacks

Kicking attacks used by Gene to fight off the attacker in the video game. The player’s “God Reel” (or “God Roulette”), a roulette wheel comprising moves that the player selects, can used to unleash more powerful abilities throughout the game. Players can increase the number of “Roulette Orbs” they have by collecting “Skull Cards” that can discovered throughout each stage. Between one and three Roulette Orbs needed to perform God Reel methods. It’s not uncommon to see moves that send opponents flying into the stratosphere while others are simple punches or kicks to particular regions of the body.

The God Hand is another gameplay concept that the player can use to their advantage. The player’s “Tension Gauge” increases as he attacks and beats foes. Players can also avoid assaults, taunt, perform tension enhancing techniques, or find cards in each stage to raise the bar. God hand can unleashed when Gene’s arm is free of the bracelet. Which has a predetermined amount of time remaining in it. His attacks gain both power and speed when they unleashed in this form. The Tension Gauge can increased in size through the use of various stat-enhancing items.


A “Difficulty Level” gauge that dynamically adjusts to the amount of damage the player is doing or receiving can monitored by the player during combat. Getting bogged down in a barrage of punches and combos will cause the player’s level to plummet. The player’s level will rise if they deal a significant amount of unanswered attacks to their opponents. A fourth level, dubbed “Die,” is located at the very top of the bar and is the most difficult to reach. Enemies won’t attack the player until they are directly in his or her line of sight or he is directly assaulting them on levels 1 and 2. Even if the camera is in the middle of a fight, the adversaries will still attack. A fully-maxed out player character can slain in a few strikes by an adversary at level Die.

Which enhances the enemy’s attack strength. This means that completing a stage with higher Difficulty Level adversaries nets the player additional bonus points. Scrolls containing new techniques unlocked as you go through the game. The shop, which can found on the map screen, also sells and buys roulette strategies and movements.

How To Free Download God Hand Apk OBB Game For Android

  • Firstly download the god hand apk + obb game
  • then Simply install the apk using app installer of your mobile
  • set the Obb file in android/Obb folder
  • Open the game and start playing god gand game on your android mobile

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