Download God Hand PPSSPP ZIP ISO File Highly Compressed Free 100mb Latest Update

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Download God Hand PPSSPP ZIP ISO File Highly Compressed Free 100mb Latest Update

Greetings my fellow friends! Once again as always i welcome you all to my humble and helpful website for gamers which is android 1 , here i posts articles about latest and amazing games which can be played on your android and ios device.

Today i present you all God Hand PPSSPP for android and ios. God Hand USA APK, download game god hand android apk + data. The official is a PS4/PS2 game but here we are providing God Hand PSP USA game download apk. You can easily play God Hand game on PC with this Highly Compressed iso and a PPSSPP gold emulator.

The people are looking for God hand PPSSPP 200mb highly compressed zip to download free for their android mobiles and PC with PPSSPP apk + iso data files.

About God Hand PSP

If you’re a playstation 2 player then you must have been a god hand’s big fan. As god hand is a very high selling and high demanding, popular game of playstation 2 which was one of the most played video game of its own time. God hand is a video game developed by clover studio and published by capcom for PlayStation 2 console.

The game god hand was released on 2006 for japan and 2007 for other outer countries. The game god hand is mostly popular among gamers because of its super flashy moves which can be performed in the game by using the all four square, triangle, circles,and cross button while holding either the R1 or R2 button on the on screen gamepad or real gamepad.
Originally the game is available only for PlayStation 2 but with the help of today’s article, you can now play the popular and fantastic game that is god hand on your android, ios or even pc by using ppsspp emulator. Since it is for ppsspp emulator, it will not require any specialised specifications or high demand for devices.

Since the game is for ppsspp, it is fully 100% offline as well. Which means you will not have any network or amy internet problem, by that you will not have to be worry about your internet connection and you will be able to play it anywhere you want and wherever you want to. It will not stop you from playing the game!

Today you are finally going to get God Hand ppsspp zip file download 200mb, or we can say God Hand game apk download android, God Hand Apk OBB Android, God Hand game app the game.

Game Features

God hand PPSSPP gameplay
  • Fully high definition 3D graphics.
  • Fully offline game mode for android and ios.
  • Action – beat em up genre oriented gameplay.
  • Fully flashy combos can be performed.
  • No lag gameplay of the game god hand ppsspp.
  • Specially designed rom for ppsspp.
  • Hours of fun by playing the game and pumpling your opponent.
  • Thrilling and astonishing boss fights.
  • A very well defined game story of god hand.
  • Can level up your moves and also unlockes new moves.


God hand PPSSPP

For gameplay purposes, i have provided some gameplay screenshots of the game to show you all the in-game look of God Hand ppsspp. As you can see the gameplay of game looks very amazing in its own and the graphics looks very interesting for its time. As you can see the user interface of the game also looks very interesting.

By screenshots you can tell the gameplay is very action, beat em up oriented where enemies comes and you destroyes them by using the legendary god hand and also your LEGENDARY combos. The combod are based off the martial arts which includes both punches and kicks. The game let us perform specially designed moves as well.

Be sure to check the system requirements before downloading or else wise the game may lag on your device so read carefully through the article to download and have the game in your device so that you can play it.

Special attacks

The simple menu allows you to pick and select the attacks you want to utilise. By pushing the left joystick in a certain direction while holding down the relevant attask button, you may further complicate the game. It is possible to inflict more damage on some adversaries by using certain strikes that may knock them out of the way, smash their defences or even juggle them. There are no banned holds in this location. You may use stomping, kisking, pummeling, and even rotating in the same direction as your victim to unleash a barrage of rapid-fire attacks.


The game god hand puts a martial artists as the protagonist of the game which have one of the legendary GOD HANDS. It is a 3-D high definition game which is focused on action, beat em up genre category. The game lets us play in a very different and variety playstyle where we can do many different moves to defeat enemies.

The story of God Hand begins in an unnamed village that is being terrorised by monsters that are killing citizens one by one. A young boy named Dennis makes the decision one day to protect his home with the use of a firearm. Soon after, his best friend and partner in crime, Ryan, arrives to assist him in his endeavour to put a stop to the assault of monsters.

It becomes clear that there is more to these animals than meets the eye as the attacks continue, and at initially, their efforts are successful in spite of the fact that they seem to be simple. Dennis and Ryan come to the conclusion that the monsters are under the command of a malevolent force known as The Master, who is aided in this endeavour by a mysterious outsider by the name of Astaroth.

The Master is a cruel magician who is focused on elevating himself to the position of absolute ruler over the globe. To put a halt to him, Dennis and Ryan need to move swiftly.

Game Requirements

With the legendary god hand, we can perform many special martial art moves which feels very satisfying on its own to play and experience in game. The game will need a device of android or ios having 2gb space and at least 2 gb of ram, 845 or up Snapdragon processor/Mediatek dimensity 1000+ to run the game efficiently without much lag during the gameplay of the game.

How to download god hand PPSSPP Zip File 200mb

  • Proceed through the site and click on the download button.
  • Go through the site and download the God hand PPSSPP game.
  • After downloading, extract the game by any winrar app.
  • After thay open your ppsspp and look for game directory.
  • Then open the game by clicking on it.
  • Set up your settings as you like.
  • After that save up the settings and start playing.

And after that we are done with the game! If you liked the game then please share it with your friends as well so that they can enjoy the luxurious feel of the games too.

Read more articles to download more amazing and fantastic PS2/PPSSPP high quality games for your android and ios device. There are many different different games available there.

Update: Did you know that after the release of new PS2 Emulator that is AetherSX2 PS2 for android, now you don’t need to search for God hand PPSSPP, rather you can directly download God hand PS2 iso and then install the new PS2 Emulator and play the game on your android mobile lag free with ease.

The new PS2 Emulator has the smooth gaming experience on almost 80% of PS2 games and it’s still in development, by the time, it will be exactly as flawless as the psp Emulator of Android. We are providing the link of new PS2 and God hand iso, download the file and play now.

Download Emulator for God Hand

Download ISO

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