Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP ISO ROM

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is an action Game for PSP developed by Kojima production and published in 2010 by Konami for Play Station Portable. Another interesting FPS shooting Game for PPSSPP with addictive gameplay and nice storyline.

Experience realistic gameplay, story-based missions, hard levels which can only be passed if you are ready to face the tasks ahead, interactive gameplay, top-notch weapons and enhance abilities. I have provided Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Iso File (Highly Compressed) For PPSSPP Emulator with it’s working download link and installation guide.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walke PPSSPP Iso requires a Play Station Emulator for the Game to be played. Also, the game is large, so you are required to have enough internal or external storage as much as 1.4GB. This game has high-quality graphics and its storyline is long and interesting. Below are some Key features of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP ISO.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ISO Features

1. The stealth action at the heart of Peace Walker is tense, challenging, and tightly executed.

2. Patience and strategy, not gung-ho combat required to pass levels.

3. Auto-aim toggled by the Select button on the PPSSPP Emulator Controls

4. Camera controls and manual aiming with the face buttons.

5. Experience points Gains after each levels depending on the style of play.

6. Campain missions and survival missions avialable.

7. Interesting graphic-novel cutscenes – Don’t skip or you’ll lose important information.

8. Achievement-like challenges

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ISO Android InfoEmulator: PPSSPP or PPSSPP Gold
Playable: PlayStation Portable and Android
Game Size1.3GB | Direct Download
Ram: 1GB | No PPSSPP Glitch
Internet: Obviously Offline since it’ emulator

Where to Download Peace Walker PPSSPP ISO File on Android

– Download Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP ISO Highly Compressed

How To Install Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker For PPSSPP

1. Download PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play

2. Download Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PPSSPP ISO File Compressed Zip File

3. Extract the File and locate ISO File 

4. Move Peace Walker PSP ISO to ANDROID >> PSP >> GAME

5. Open PPSSPP Emulator and Locate the Game


In Conclusion:

That’s how to download Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP ISO compressed for PPSSPP on Android and Play as well. This game is working very fine and works on many Android versions.

If you are experiencing problems installing the game, do yourself a favor by commenting below. Have a wonderful day!

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Download Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed 1.25GB Free

Features Of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed Game

Game Modes

Peace Walker consists of two primary gameplay modes: “Mission” and “Mother Base”. “Mission” are the actual action sequences of the game, where the player must infiltrate an enemy territory or fight a boss, whereas “Mother Base” is an army management mode similar to the briefing screen in Portable Ops.


Players get to choose which missions to play from the “Mission Selector” screen. There are two main types of Missions: Main Ops are the primary story-based missions in which goals are determined by the narrative and must be played in a strict order in order to proceed. Some Main Ops missions include illustrated cutscenes that involve bits of interactivity in order to proceed. Extra Ops are optional missions that involve much more elaborate goals ranging from simple target practices to obtaining secret documents.

When the player completes a mission, his or her performance is evaluated afterward. A player’s score is penalized with a lower rank and reduced heroism for excessive killing and frequently being discovered, whereas players who are stealthy and subdue enemy soldiers non-lethally will be awarded appropriately. Players can replay previously cleared missions for higher scores.


Jungle Fatigues

The default uniform. A balance of stealth, defense, weapons, and inventory. Alternate versions of this outfit with different colors and camo patterns can be obtained throughout various missions.


A shirtless version of the Jungle Fatigues, players using Naked uniforms move faster at the cost of lower camo index, weaker defense, and fewer items. When worn by an MSF soldier, they will be wearing a brown tank top.

Sneaking Suit

Resembling the sneaking suit worn by Solid Snake in previous Metal Gear Solid games, it allows players to move without generating foot noise and have higher camouflage compared to other suits while moving, but restricts them to five items and six secondary weapons. The design of the Sneaking Suit worn by MSF soldiers differs slightly from Snake’s version.

Battle Dress

A heavily armored suit that allows the player to carry a third primary weapon and absorb heavy firepower, but at the cost of a lower item carrying capacity, slower mobility and a lower camouflage index. A variant outfitted with a metal headband for Snake, or a helmet for MSF Soldiers, is also available, which increases the defenses.

Other Outfits

There are also available, such as t-shirts in various designs, swimsuits, a tuxedo and outfits inspired by the wardrobe of supporting characters.

Mother Base

Mother Base is an abandoned OTEC research platform in the Caribbean that serves as the MSF’s headquarters. Aside from managing the combat, medical, intelligence, and technology research teams seen in Portable Ops, the player can assign personnel to the mess hall crew to feed the troops and keep up their morale. Rebellious or injured personnel can be brought to the brig and sickbay, respectively. The player can capture military vehicles that appear in the game as minor boss opponents, such as armored personnel carriers, tanks, and attack helicopters. Up to 350 soldiers can be recruited; excess staff caught in a mission must be discharged and up to 50 vehicles can be captured over the course of the game.

Items and weapons are not procured on-site, but rather they’re developed by MSF’s research and development division based on blueprints obtained from missions. New items and weapons can only be developed when the player has sufficient GMP (Gross Military Product, the player’s currency) and certain MSF divisions have reached the required level. Once development of an item has been completed, the R&D staff will automatically mass-produce them for the entire army.

Outer Ops

Outer Ops is a new game mechanic where players can deploy their combat unit soldiers (with the exception of Snake and other unique characters) and captured vehicles on certain missions against computer opponents. Each assault force codenamed from Alpha to Hotel has eight slots for assigning vehicles or soldiers, who can gain combat bonuses such as additional hit points and Psyche points, and generate income for the team.

Metal Gear ZEKE

During the course of the game, the player will fight advanced AI-controlled vehicles, code-named PUPA, CHRYSALIS, COCOON, and the titular Peace Walker. Each of these vehicles has an AI pod that the player can infiltrate after sufficiently damaging the vehicle in a boss battle, at which point the player must remove AI boards from within to shut down the AI and fully defeat the boss.


In addition to the standard single-player mode, most of the missions can also be played cooperatively through an additional game mode called Co-Ops. Infiltration missions during Co-Ops can be played alongside a second player, while up to four players can participate in battles against enemy vehicles and AI weapons. There are several actions that can take place when two players are next to each other. The “snake formation” allows two players to synchronize with each other as one player leads the way, also allowing the players to fire on the move. Other co-operative actions include holding up closing doors, performing CPR on fallen comrades, sharing items, and acting as a spotter when a partner’s vision is obscured.



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