Poland Visa Application 2021 & Requirement

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Poland Visa Application 2021 & Requirement

History of Poland

In the middle of the 10th century, Poland was conceived making it a very ancient nation. In the 16th century, it witnessed its golden age. The strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation in the following century. After a series of meetings, an agreement was reached between 1772 and 1795, Russia, Prussia, and Austria partitioned Poland amongst themselves. Poland went ahead to regain its independence in 1918, however, they were overrun by Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II.

Poland went on to join the European Union in 2004, and NATO in 1999. Poland is an increasingly active member of Euro-Atlantic organizations due to its transformation to a democratic, market-oriented country.

Poland is also part of the Schengen area. Therefore, there are certain documents needed by the Polish embassy. In addition, depending on the type of visa being applied for, there might be other documents needed solely for the individual visa type.

General Documents Required

When looking at traveling to Poland for whatever reason there are documents that are required. These general documents cut across all types of visas and must be submitted alongside the other documents needed for the particular reason for traveling.

  • The first thing to do is to download the application visa polish form from the internet. As soon as that is done, you are to fill in the information given in the form without lies.
  • The passport must have two blank pages on it. In addition, you will need copies of your previous visas that are valid for three months beyond the return date and of course the passport itself.
  • Travel medical insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Poland and the entire Schengen area. To get more information, find out more about Visa Insurance for Europe.
  • 2 passport photographs. This photograph has to be a recent picture that captures the face holistically and has a light background.
  • A cover letter stating the purpose and duration of your stay in Poland and the itinerary.
  • Flight air ticket reservation; these ticket reservations should have flight numbers and the specific dates for entry and exit from Poland.
  • Hotel Booking Reservation; you need to show the polish authorities that you have your accommodation issues taken care of. This accommodation should be able to take care of the whole of your stay in Poland.
  • Means of subsistence; proof of financial capability will be needed. This can be your bank statements for the past 6 months prior to your visa application.

There are also certain things the embassy does consider, and also documents that go with it. They consider if you are;

Self Employed

  • A copy of your business license;
  • 6 months of company’s bank statements
  • Income Tax Return (ITR).


  • Employment contract;
  • 6 months of the current company’s bank statements
  • No-objection certificate from the employer;
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary.


  • Proof of enrollment;
  • Leave approval letter from school or university.


  • Pension statement of the latest 6 months.


  • 6 months of bank statements that the property has generated.

Do note that the application form has to be signed and submitted alongside the documents listed above personally at the appropriate embassy/consulate or its representative in your home country.

Having known the general documents required, there are other documents that are strictly tailored to the type of visa the applicant is applying for.

Poland Tourist Schengen Visa

  • Invitation letter; this letter has to have the address of the person inviting to Poland and the phone number of the person sponsoring/inviting you.
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months
  • Passport copies

Poland Visa for Business Purposes

  • Invitation letter from the Polish company; this letter must carry the address of the company along with the dates of your visit.
  • You need to show that your employer granted your business travels by showing a certificate stating your purpose there.
  • 6 months of the business bank statements
  • The expenses the applicant will make while in the Schengen zone, the company or employer would show the proof that they will be able to handle it.

Student Visa

Upon application into any institution in Poland, you must submit the following;

  • An application form
  • Identity documents
  • Proof of your studies
  • Health insurance documents
  • Proof you have sufficient funds

Your first permit will be valid for nothing more than 15 months, however, it can be renewed for up to three years. Although, the permit will not last longer than the remainder of your studies in Poland. An application can only be legit when you are legally living there and the visa is about getting to the expiration date.

In addition to the documents listed above, you are to have the following;

  • A correctly filled Poland student visa application that bears your signature on it.
  • A passport that is valid for at least three months before your departure.
  • The acceptance letter from any Poland’s institution.
  • Your CV
  • School certificates and diplomas
  • Proof of your English language proficiency
  • Proof of financial capabilities shows that you can support yourself while in school.
  • Health insurance documents
  • One passport-size photo
  • Proof of accommodation in Poland
  • The air ticket or rail ticket will be needed this is the transport documentation.

It should take a minimum of 15 days for your visa to be reviewed once you have submitted the application and required documents. Also, expect a response.

Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew, or Religious Purposes

  • The invitation letter from whichever category you fall under. The letter should stipulate the kind of events/ activities you will be involved in, also it should have the purpose of visiting.
  • Names of the applicants (crew members)
  • Duration of stay
  • Travel itinerary

Poland Visa for Members of Official Delegations

  • The official invitation copy
  • Identity of applicant
  • Duration of stay
  • Place of accommodation

Poland Visa for Under-Age Children

  • Proof of parent’s regular income (work contract with specified monthly income or a bank statement or business license)
  • Notarized travel permission from parent (parental travel consent)
  • If one parent lives in another country – their notarized parental travel consent

Note: When applying at the Polish embassy/consulate in the home country, the guardian or parent should accompany their underage children.

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